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A few samples of things that people have very kindly said about me over the years!

Coaching Testimonials

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"Emily has an incredible gift, she is able to see right to the heart of the matter and ask questions that enable you to bring deep-rooted issues to light. An unexpected meeting with Emily proved to be a transformative experience for me and has helped me to heal negative beliefs that I was subconsciously holding on to. I subsequently feel much lighter and find that I am looking at life through a different lens. Emily's gentle manner immediately made me feel relaxed and it seems to come so naturally for Emily that I didn't even realise I was being coached!
- K, Entrepreneur, 2016
"You have a real gift there Emily, you really helped me to find the bit that was most relevant to me at the core of what I was dealing with." - S, Activist, 2015
"You hold a space really well and ask good questions, taking time to listen. You got me to uncover the deeper issues, with relative ease, and without feeling judged."
- J,  Coach, 2016
"Your gentle kind way of showing me different point of views and listening is very special to me! Your words are hitting the spot! You seem to know me so much better than many other people! Emily you are such an inspiring, beautiful soul and I feel you're helping guiding me through this new labyrinth life became since I decided to leave and go travelling. Without you I don't know where I would be!!" - L, Engineer, 2015
"You’ve really helped me to see what’s been happening in a way no-one [else] has… You are the only person who seems to be able to truly read me… I don’t think I would ever have been able to acknowledge these thought patterns or their consequences on my relationship with others without your questioning, you make it look easy! You have, as you always are, been awesome."
- D, Traveller, 2015
"The world is a little brighter and full of more hope with people like you in it."
- R, Tradesman, 2015
"You gave me so many tools to help. You were so generous, and you did nothing but encourage me. You are one awesome, authentic, kind humane being." 
- N, 2017
"I had such a beautiful conversation. I've never had such a pivotal moment before where my perspective shifted so much."
- K, Entrepreneur, 2016
"It's really helped me to have you work through that with me and listen to me." 
- P, 2016
"You held the space really well, it's seriously changed my life thinking about things in that way." 
- L, 2017
"A person speaking with real power, from their heart." 
- S, Coach, 2017
"I see all that you give and feel blessed by the universe that our paths have met." 
- J, 2017
"You've really helped me to see something there that I wasn't aware of." 
- H, NVC Trainer, 2015
"It was a good experience for me. Informal because I didn’t want to formalise it. I felt comfortable and yet aware of how much more work could have been done on a personal level. Formal enough to work on the specific coaching, ‘mentoring’ problem we addressed. Informal enough to go deeper if needed. Most valuable thing was time to interact on a personal level looking at relationships, expectations, communication pitfalls and solutions – in both the narrow sense of the specific problem addressed and in a wider sense about all human interactions. Something that interests me a lot these days. I would already do quite a lot differently." 
- J, Educator, 2016
"You've a calm way of handling things, deep insight into the byways of the mind and great knowledge of the destructive vs constructive patterns of self-talk." 
- J, Facilitator, 2018
"You were such a wonderful source of acceptance, kindness and warmth."  
- T, 2014
"You helped me through a hard time by just being you, and I'm a strong person" 
- B, 2014
"Thank you for all your support and wise words recently. You'll never know how much it's meant to me to have someone who truly knows how I feel, there to listen, guide and coach me through it." 
- J, Marketing, 2015
"I am so very very grateful for your patience, empathy, honesty and relentless support and energy."  
- C, Events, 2016
"I seem to be able to talk to you."  
- J, Personal Trainer, 2015
"I'm not normally part of women's spaces, but you have shifted that, you've convinced me." 
- V, SpiritFest, 2018
"I love that you're so understanding, empathetic and caring! I'm never afraid to talk to you about whatever subject because I know you won't judge, you'll only help me." 
- R, Student, 2014
"I've just had my first ever successful difficult conversation, thanks to what you've shown me." 
- T, Entrepreneur, 2018
"It went well thanks to my confidence and preparation and therefore your support."  
- C, Events, 2016
"I also wanted to thank you for believing in me even when sometimes it must have been pretty difficult. Thank you, Emily."  
- K, 2014
"I hope that you get from yourself or someone else the support / empathy / feedback / perspective / guidance to see the best steps to choose, as I got from the chat with you.
I always find it helpful to talk to you to get better orientation and empathy in myself with suggestion what might practically help to do next, how to communicate something more effectively."  
- L, 2016
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The approach I take with my coaching includes intuitive listening, observation, reflection and needs-based language (nonviolent communication), plus my own take on various trainings that I've received, including my experiences in the corporate world. I regularly engage in further training, for example:
Way of Council with Pip Bondy
Insanely Gifted with Jamie Catto
Nonviolent Communication
Vipassana 10-day meditation
Does it sound like you might benefit from some time with Emily?

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