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Data Analysis and Consultancy

Small business spreadsheets  |  Bookkeeping   |  Clear record-keeping  |  Forecasting  |  Large Excel datasets

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Ever known you need more insight about what's bringing your business good returns and what isn't, but not sure where to start?

Have you ever entered figures into an Excel spreadsheet and then used your calculator??!

Ever spent hours on repetitive or clunky calculations and wondered whether someone could speed this up for you? 

Perhaps you are a Virtual Assistant and your client needs data support that is outside of your skill set?

" I love Excel! And I love saving you loads of time, adding value to your small business and making your data and finance processes effective and efficient. "

Most small businesses wouldn't need to commit to employing technical data expertise on a permanent basis... hiring me for freelance work keeps your overheads low and gives you a boost of insight that can help you take your business to the next level. 


You have a FREE discussion with me so I can get clear on:

- what the current data situation is

- what your goal is 

- what budget you are working to

- what timescale you're working to

This will usually take about 30 minutes

I outline what further discussions are needed and my recommendation, and we come to a formal agreement about the project & fee.

I work remotely or come in to your place of work.*

You receive a solution that is easy for you to maintain yourself, or we decide whether I will help you to maintain it ongoing.

Person Writing

*depending on proximity to Frome, Somerset, UK

If you're tempted to chat, without obligation, let's talk > >


Still can't quite imagine the type of support you could receive?

Let me elaborate:

Databases  |  Forms  |  Charts  |  Clarity  |  Structure to your data

Record-keeping  |  Bookkeeping  |  Cash-flow and categorisation   Data cleansing

Streamlined processes harnessing the power of spreadsheets

Identifying & facilitating key flows of data & communication

Below is a selection of some recent case examples.

"I love working with you Emily, things are just so succinct and clear; can we just replicate you!" - N, 2016
Harlows image cropped.jpg
"Thank you so much for your patience and expert tuition to us this morning and we all got something helpful from the session. I have just successfully completed the tasks you showed me. One or two glitches but I sorted them with confidence!  
- Denise, WAC
Bookkeeping at Harlows of Frome (October 2019 - present)

  • Bookkeeping and financial administrator support

  • Weekly contracted hours

Excel skills group training session for the Wells Art Contemporary team

​November 2019

  • Morning of training for five people on basic Excel skills

  • Small set fee

Pile of Logs
Sea Buckthorn Image.jpg
pinkdog_services logo.png
Bookkeeping at Earth Building UK & Ireland​ (March 2019 - present)

  • Earth Building charity needing bookkeeping and financial administrator support

  • Xero accounting software

  • Budget ringfencing

  • Weekly contracted hours

Freelancer at The Excel Experts (March 2019 - present)

  • Offering Excel support, consultancy and training

  • Fixed price contracts

Farm enterprises at 42 Acres, Somerset


  • Land-based enterprises startup needing data configuration plus coaching 

  • Googlesheets and Trello used to allow for easy sharing and communicating across different users

  • Flexible approach to suit changeable nature of startup 

"Emily helped me rationalise and log data from my small juice business in a way that was far beyond my own capabilities. Not only that but when I'm stuck she coaches me to reach the heart of the issue and break it up in a manageable way. I cannot recommend her enough. It will be some of the best money your business has spent, no matter what size you are."
- Tasha Elena Stevens Vallecillo, 2019
Photo of pub.jpg
"Thank you for today, your help means a lot to me. Couldn't do it without you!  
- F, 2018
Printing supplies dataset cleanse


  • Prepared dataset for website upload, saving hours of work

  • Small set fee

Sea Buckthorn Juice

​2017 - present

  • Simple Googlesheets system devised for clarity of financial position and to track orders

  • Hourly rate, open-ended

  • Local, sustainable wild foraged product involving community enterprise and education

Utility tracker database


via Virtual Assistant Pinkdog Services

  • One-off database project maintained by VA ongoing

  • Tracks & compares energy use across rented properties

The Crown, Regil (Free House)

​2017 - 2018

  • Sole trader landlord and chef, needed a system to track cash flow, compare suppliers, gain insight about margins, and create financial forecasting

  • Large project including paperwork onsite

Customer Insight Career

​2001 - 2013

Technical insight analysis & predictive statistical modelling

Data segmentation & database marketing

Sales phase review analysis & report-writing

Investigating and establishing data integrity

Four different industries - insurance, health, retail, travel

Team Leadership & Coaching

Corporate Teambuilding

Other experience

Honours Degree in Mathematics

Travelled round the world solo for a year

Personal coaching and group work

Deep ongoing personal interest in studying leadership and systems

Specialist skills

MS Excel

MS Access



Business Objects

SAS coding

You'll find that I offer affordable value to small businesses.
Rates can be flexible depending on the project.
I am very keen to support ethical businesses and I can offer discounted rates if I love what your business brings to the world! 

Would you like Emily to help with the data and finances in your business? 

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