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Compassionate coaching for courageous change

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"You have a real gift there Emily, you really helped me to find the bit that was most relevant to me at the core of what I was dealing with." - S, 2015
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"Whatever you can dream or think, you can; begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it"
- Goethe

Personal Coaching

"Such a beautiful conversation. I've never had such a pivotal moment before where my perspective shifted so much." - K, 2016
Personal Coaching

Imagine voicing that thing you're struggling with, right now, and being guided through a simple, powerful process to experience the matter in a way that benefits you and the people around you.

Imagine becoming skilled at not simply emotional intelligence but relational intelligence

Coaching focuses on really hearing what you are struggling with and then being constructive, because you need possibilities for the future to appear, melting away stuckness and blossoming new ways forward.


Coaching can bring a sense of ease and a mindset you never knew to be possible. You can feel the support you've been longing to experience.


It can be excruciatingly enjoyable... deliciously difficult... rewardingly realistic!


Currently (due to other commitments) I am only offering hour-long 'crunch-coaching' sessions, online, in three timeslots during the week.

Pricing is sliding-scale according to your situation:

Abundant finances: £100

Budgeted finances: £45

Ethical income with limited finances: £20

We will communicate payment arrangements when you make contact.

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"You’ve really helped me to see what’s been happening in a way no-one [else] has…  I don’t think I would ever have been able to acknowledge these thought patterns or their consequences on my relationship with others without your questioning."
- D, 2015
Why choose me to work with?

I have been coaching since at least 2011, when I received coaching training as part of my Customer Insight team leader role and realised, "Oh! This is kinda what I do already!" 

If you are interested in a coach with the qualification of genuine passionate lesson-filled life experience, I would love to hear from you! Coaching is where I come alive, and YOUR struggles are my place of service to the world.

I have changed my lifestyle completely, learned to understand depression, I've cancelled a wedding, I've travelled round the world on my own, I pull apart and alchemise every thought pattern I've ever had.


I continue receiving training and guidance, about wholeness and leadership, in particular experiencing the benefits of deep Vipassana meditation, abundant somatic experience and expression, clear communication and flow. 

"You hold a space really well and ask good questions, taking time to listen. You got me to uncover the deeper issues, with relative ease, and without feeling judged." - J, 2016
Interested to know what the principles of coaching are?

You can expect me to commit to this set of principles when I am coaching.

I am accountable to you, as my client, in the following ways:

1. Listening is more important than talking

2. What motivates people must be understood

3. Everyone is capable of achieving more

4. A person's past is no indication of their future

5. People's beliefs about what's possible for themselves are their only limits

6. A coach must always provide full support

7. Coaches don't provide "the" answers

8. Coaching does not include criticising people

9. All coaching is completely confidential

10. Some people's needs cannot be met by coaching and coaches recognise clients with those needs

The client's satisfaction is what the coach is looking for, not the coach's satisfaction.

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References and Resources

I truly see time and again how a conversation with a coach can make a vast difference compared to reading and self-reflection alone. Having said that, I am a big fan of reading and self-reflection! If you're looking for more resources, click here:

Interested to meet with me in a group instead?

Follow some of these links to see how you could come along to some of the group work that I hold, to get a feel for whether you'd be interested to work with me one-to-one:

Would you like to explore the possibilities of coaching from Emily?
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