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"No-one is outside the circle of human concern. It doesn't mean we tolerate all activity, but we celebrate our shared humanity. "
- John Powell
"The most common lie in the world is 'I'm fine'. Many of us have struggles at any given point in our lives, uneasy feelings where we want something in our world to be different, and we often either suppress them or find ourselves complaining about other things, maybe not quite aware of our deeper thoughts. 

"The intention of this group is to meet people experiencing similar disconnection, giving us all a chance to increase the feeling of connection in the world, feeling heard without judgement. The intention is NOT to offer advice or solutions to thoughts shared, but to encourage the practice of speaking the truth of the moment from the heart. 

"The only requirement for this group is that you be willing to share a little of your true self and willing to listen."

Radically Honest

"Thank you. I haven't felt this much better ever."
- D, 2016
Radically Honest  |  Sharing Circle

Do you ever feel slightly disconnected from the world? Maybe thinking you must be different to others? The sense may be relatively minor or impacting your life in a big way and you want things to be better.


My Radical Honesty sharing circle began at the end of 2015, in a yummy cosy yurt at Hampshire's Sustainability Centre. Since then I have resurrected it in Devon, Bristol and at SpiritFest. I'm now in the process of breathing new life into it in Frome. 

Maybe eight months after starting the group with my own approach, I learned that there was already whole movement called Radical Honesty, pioneered by Dr Brad Blanton.

In truth, a big part of why I love holding sharing circles is because I am reminded of the benefit of practising connecting on a REAL level, of taking off my mask and humbly remembering I am only human.

My approach with this group uses valuable experiences I carved out and benefited from in the corporate world, as well as my own take on a combination of various trainings that I've received:  
Way of Council with Pip Bondy
Insanely Gifted with Jamie Catto
Nonviolent Communication
Vipassana 10-day meditation
To find out more about these gatherings in Frome, contact me > >
"Radical honesty means  simply to report out loud what  you notice in the world, in your body and in your mind "
                             - Dr Brad Blanton
Group Students Smilling
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